Mission Statement  

Meeting Statement of Intent

In meeting as a group of adults to consider the education of any East Street School student, we will remember to keep the child at the center of our thoughts, discussions, and decision-making. We believe that when a successful collaboration occurs between student, parent, and all school personnel, maximum growth will be made toward fulfilling educational potential. We invite all involved to pledge both heart and mind to this as our shared goal and guiding focus.


We believe in the following principles:

  • Provide learning experiences which respect the variety of learning rates, learning styles, and personal needs of our students.

  • Help develop positive attitudes toward learning.

  • Encourage creativity in each student and provide opportunities to explore and appreciate the arts.

  • Encourage each teacher to develop his or her own style of instruction consistent with school philosophy.

  • Continually evaluate the quality of all programs and provide flexibility for innovation and improvement.

  • Establish opportunities to encourage parents and community to feel a sense of ownership and participation in the students' overall growth at East Street School.

  • Help develop respect for diverse ways of perceiving, thinking, learning and communicating.

  • Promote reflection and openness to suggestion for change.

  • Create a safe, caring environment where each student is encouraged to develop a positive self-image, with respect for everyone, by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques that encourage academic progress, self-discipline, self-worth and self-motivation.

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