1st Grade Students Plant Flowers, and Kindness
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Monday, June 27, 2016
Mrs. Donovan and her students.
Mrs. Donovan and her students.

Before leaving for their summer vacation students in Mrs. Deborah Donovan’s 1st grade classroom did one last act of kindness by beautifying the new East Street school sign by tenderly planting some beautiful flowers around it.  Donovan explained that the idea for this project started when the new sign was installed, “I knew I would be doing a unit on seeds and planting in the spring and thought this would be a great hands-on way to integrate the curriculum.”

After receiving Principal Thomas Welch’s stamp of approval Donovan began to plan the project by writing a letter to Karen Randall at Randall’s Farm and Greenhouse asking if they would consider donating the flowers. “Karen quickly responded saying they would be glad to help. When I went to Randall’s to pick up the flowers a woman named Mickey was particularly helpful in suggesting plants.”

This project was additionally important to Donovan because it allowed her students the opportunity to experience an act of giving something back to their school and community. Donovan explained, “This all ties in with our Kindness Bucket initiative here at East. I was very pleased with my students' enthusiasm in both planting the garden and leaving a lasting impression at East Street, as they head off to 2nd grade.”

“The planting that Mrs. Donovan and her students have done around our new sign completes the project and enhances its appearance. It also exemplifies our school wide initiative to be a bucket filler and spread kindness," shared Principal Welch.  “We are also very grateful to Karen Randall for the generous donation of the flowers.”

If you happen to be driving by East Street School and notice the plants adorning the school sign, you will most certainly agree that Mrs. Donovan and her students deserve two thumbs up for their hard work and act of kindness.


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