Students Attend 1st Assembly of the Year
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Monday, September 19, 2016
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East Street School students attended their first school wide assembly on Thursday, September 15th. Principal Thomas Welch explained that the assembly introduced new students, and reminded returning students, about the importance of Whole Body Listening Skills. Welch explained, “We want students to understand that it is important to use their entire body in order to listen. That we do listen with our ears, but that we also listen with our brain, eyes, mouth, hands, and feet.”

Welch also invited Ms. Sharon Bedard from the LPVEC Bus Company to address students about bus safety. She reviewed the safety guidelines and reminded students of acceptable bus behavior.

The assembly ended with Mr. Welch explaining the Bucket Filling Program that is implemented at East Street School as part of a PBIS Program. As a special treat the assembly ended with Mr. Welch and Mr. Jeff Snow, strumming their guitars and performing the I Am a Bucket Filler song, in a sing along fashion; with the entire student body, and staff joining in on the fun (see video below).

“It was an exciting way to end the assembly, stated Welch, “as we all joined in and celebrated our pledge to be bucket fillers in our learning community.”

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