The Great Pumpkin and Treasure Hunt!
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Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Anyone who spends time at East Street School knows that they are a Bucket Filling School.  The concept of filling your bucket consists of the idea that everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds our good thoughts and feelings. Each classroom has a bucket, and pom-poms, signifying the imaginary buckets we carry around with us. As students are "caught" being kind and helpful to each other teachers add a pom-pom to the classroom bucket.

Recently, first grade students in Miss Meaghan Barbeau and Mrs. Elizabeth Vanderscoff’s classroom were excited to learn that they had filled their second kindess bucket since the start of school.  This amazing accomplishment of these very kind and caring students elicited excitement, pride, and much to the delight of the students, a visit from none other than the Great Pumpkin!

Vanderscoff explained that since the fall is the Great Pumpkin’s busy season his schedule didn’t allow him to visit the students personally, but he was able to stop by the classroom on his way to a pumpkin patch Thursday and leave a special letter in the classroom for the students.

Students were beyond excited to read his letter and find a treasure map he left for them, indicating it would lead them to discover a special treat in honor of filling their second bucket. With much anticipation and joy the students quickly gathered together to start their adventure to find their treasure.

The map led students throughout the school building, meandering the hallways and ultimately directing them outside to the courtyard where they found miniature pumpkins scattered around one of the trees!  "We each get our own pumpkin! Everyone gets a pumpkin,” excitedly shared Nathan Lavertue when the treasure was discovered.

Delighted, each student chose their very own special pumpkin to take back to the classroom and decorate with colorful paint. Barbeau stated that they will bring home their treasures after the paint has dried.

The students were all in agreement that having the Great Pumpkin send them on a pumpkin-tacular treasure hunt was exciting, fun, and a memory they will hold onto for many years to come.

Photo Credits: Mrs. Elizabeth Vanderscoff


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