Gym Walls Inspire Students
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Friday, November 18, 2016
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As a way to inspire students at East Street School, Mrs. Leslee Sharon, East Street Physical Education teacher, recently painted three motivational sayings on the gym walls. The sayings are a visual reminder for all students to work hard, never give up on themselves and believe that they can do anything if they just try.

The sayings- Don’t Give Up, I Can…, and Be Awesome Today - were painted in bold, bright colors and at the eye level of students.  “I chose sayings that they can read at this grade level, or at least when asked, they would understand the meaning,” shared Sharon.

Sharon reports that the response has been overwhelming positive, “I find that the kids often refer to them throughout my lessons, especially the Don't Give Up quote. They use it as a self motivator and I have even heard them tell other classmates to not give up!”

Mr. Thomas Welch, East Street School Principal was appreciative of Sharon’s initiative, giving it two thumbs up, “The addition of the quotes in the gym is a great reminder for our students to always give their best effort, not only in gym class, but throughout their day.”

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