How do animals survive the winter?
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Friday, January 06, 2017
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As part of the science curriculum, students in Mrs. Deborah Donovan’s 1st grade classroom, recently learned about the different ways animals survive in the in winter; specifically hibernation, migration or adaptation. Through fiction and nonfiction stories, poetry, art projects, Scholastic news articles, videos, and songs, students learned all about the winter habits of several different animals, including bears, geese, squirrels, deer, frogs, and bats.

In addition to several projects created in class, students also worked on a project at home, depicting winter habits of a particular animal. Donovan commented, “I was so pleased with what they brought in. Students shared amazing dioramas, mobiles, posters and 3D models of how their particular animal survives the winter. It was obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into each student's project.

Parents were invited to their classroom for a presentation of songs and poems that explained animal survival in the winter. Families then had the opportunity to tour the Animals in Winter Museum to view each of the student projects on display.

 Photo credits: Mrs. Deborah Donovan

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