Meteorologist Janna Brown Talks Weather with Kindergarteners
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Friday, January 20, 2017
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“Because weather can be unpredictable, my job is like solving a puzzle;  I figure out what the weather will be like every day and report it on the news,” explained Meteorologist Janna Brown during her recent visit to East Street School kindergarten students.

Ms. Heidi Arsenault, kindergarten teacher, explained that she reached out to Brown asking if she could visit the kindergarten classrooms as a culminating review to reinforce the weather unit in the science curriculum.  “Her presentation was great!  During our weather unit the students learned to be weather watchers - learning how the weather looks and feels, and her visit highlighted that.”

Brown has been a meteorologist for a total of eleven years and joined Western Mass News (ABC40/CBS3/FOX6) this past August. “I love the energy and excitement that kids have about the weather;  it reminds me of when I first got excited about weather.”

Brown spoke to each of the eight kindergarten classrooms about the four seasons, how to dress throughout the year, shared safety pointers when severe weather occurs (thunderstorms, tornadoes, snowstorms, etc), and explained her job responsibilities.

Braden Martins said he learned a lot about the weather, “I learned not to walk in floods cause it can be dangerous.  I also learned that the heat of a lightning bolt is very hot and you need to go inside if there is a thunderstorm. And that you should run downstairs to the basement if there is a tornado in your backyard.”

“You can go into a car in a thunderstorm,” added Dylan Shaughnessy. “I learned that’s a safe place to go.”

All of the students gave Brown a unanimous thumbs up.  “The kids really enjoyed her visit,” commented Arsenault. “Her presentation culminated our unit perfectly.”


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