Community Helpers Visit Preschool Classrooms
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Monday, April 03, 2017
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As part of their curriculum, preschool classes at East Street School have been learning about community helpers. During this unit students learned that their community is filled with people who help others, such as police officers, firefighters, EMTs, farmers, librarians, doctors, nurses, etc.  To help make real life connections to their learning, staff recently invited community helpers to share their roles and contributions to the Ludlow community.

Officer Jordan Liszka from the Ludlow Police Department visited the preschool classes to talk about to role of a police officer and how students can be involved in keeping themselves, and their community safe. He also discussed the different ways police officers help community members, different aspects of his profession, and the tools he utilizes on the job, and how they help him.

"When I was asked to volunteer to come in and talk to the preschoolers, I agreed because I feel that it's important for our youth to be introduced to the police at a young age,” shared Officer Liszka.   “This helps to develop a strong relationship with open lines of communication, which is important because the community is a very strong partner to law enforcement. We all work together to help create and maintain a safe community."

Before leaving Officer Liszka also answered many thoughtful and inquisitive questions and, much to the delight of the students, eagerly shared high fives with everyone!

Firefighters Jason Bienvenue and Jan Thornton from the Ludlow Fire Department also visited the preschool classes to discuss fire safety, ways to stay safe, and showed students their firefighting  gear so they would be familiar with how a firefighter would look in the event of an actual fire.

Following a demonstration, students practiced stop, drop, and roll;   an important technique to know in case there is a fire. Students also had the opportunity to go outside to practice spraying the fire hose and take a tour of a real fire truck. Some lucky students were even invited to sit behind the wheel of the fire truck- just like a real firefighter. “It was a fun, hands on learning experience in which all students were able to participate,” said Mrs. Kerri Sullivan, preschool teacher.

“We are very thankful to the volunteers who took the time to share information about how their jobs positively impact the Ludlow community,” shared East Street Principal, Mr. Thomas Welch. “It’s  important that we teach our students, at an early age, about the world around them, the community they live, and the people who are here to help them.”



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