Peaceful Playgrounds to Welcome East Street Students as they Return to School
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Friday, August 25, 2017
Principal Welch painting the numbers template.
Principal Welch painting the numbers template.

When East Street staff and students return to school this year they will be welcomed with a new, colorful and fun playground area.  

The school is implementing the Peaceful Playgrounds Program which, according to their website is based on the concept that several well-marked, colorfully designed games, such as hopscotch, around the world, four squares, etc. will increase motivation for students to participate in activities and become more engaged in purposeful play.  

Thomas Welch, East Street Principal, explained, “With the support of the PTO we will be introducing the Peaceful Playgrounds Program to our students and staff this year. Basically, during recess students will be exposed to a variety of pre-planned games and activities on the school playground area;  allowing opportunities for them to remain active and learn how to play cooperatively with one another.”

“One thing I love about East Street school is how much the staff instills a sense of community in our children,” commented PTO member and organizer of the painting event, Lindsay Pires. “The implementation of Peaceful Playgrounds will give the kids more structured play options that will in turn promote bonding, friendships, teamwork, problem solving, and conflict solution. It's a great addition to the buddy bench and bucket filling initiative that is already such a big part of East Street.”

Pires daughter, Isla, a first graders at East Street School, joined her mother for the painting event. “ It was so awesome for her to see parents, school staff, and members of our community bringing this project to life for them.I overheard her say to her friend, ‘Look at our playground, doesn't it look great?’ That's what it's all about!”

Welch explained that as part of the back to school agenda, staff will be offered training on the background and philosophy of the program, including goals and specific ways to successfully implement the program. Students will also be introduced to the program during physical education classes.

Both Welch and Pires wanted to extend a special thank you to Ludlow businesses who supported the project; Big Y for donating drinks and snacks for the volunteer painters, Rocky’s Ace Hardware for their donation of the paint used for the project and the Gove Law Office for sending volunteers to help with the painting.

Welch was also very grateful to the East Street custodians for stenciling the template outlines on the playground areas, the Ludlow Elementary Schools PTO for sponsoring the initiative and the East Street staff and families who garnered their painting attire and gathered on both August 23rd and 24th to pick up paint brushes to bring the East Street Peaceful Playground to life.


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